GALLERY: Opening party of the first office building in the Park Tondi Quarter


US Real Estate celebrated with tenants the completion of a modern commercial building at Tammsaare 56, Tallinn, in the Park Tondi residential and commercial district. DJ NOEP and Classic Stars 2018 winner Tanel-Eiko Novikov provided musical entertainment.

“It is a great honour to be developing the Park Tondi area, which was originally built during World War I mainly for the service personnel of the Peter the Great defences. It’s good to see that nothing has changed in the grand scheme of things – even back then delivery times were long, construction costs were high and labour was hard to find. We tend to look at property development over several economic cycles, better still at least a hundred years in advance, and build properly now so that we don’t have to overhaul soon. As we also own the Maritime Fortress, we decided to do the back first and then see how the front goes,” said Urmas Sõõrumaa, chairman of the board of US Invest, in his welcome address. “This is the Happy House, which we started building before the war, the banking arrangements were made just before the financial crisis started and the arrangements with the tenants were made at the most stress-free time of the economic cycle. All this wonderful weather, from the cornerstone to the cornerstone to the opening party, is a natural part of this happy mix. Congratulations to all involved! In the meantime, a little construction cost pressure did creep in, but we did very well and will continue to do so.”

The new-age office building at Tammsaare 56 is distinguished by its thoughtful space solutions and additional options that encourage mobility. Parking is largely on the ground floor, and there is an enclosed bicycle park with changing and washing facilities.
All office spaces have balconies, and the rooftop terrace offers views of the Forus Sports Centre Tondi tennis courts, Lake Ülemiste and the Old Town.

The architects of the Tammsaare 56 office building are HG Arhitektuur and KAMP Arhitektid. Tenants include Hektor Light, SRINI, Bondora, CV Keskus, Fortum and Web Expert.

At the end of the year, the Sõjakooli 6 office building will also be completed, and the entire building has already been leased to Bondora.

Development of the Park Tondi quarter will continue already this year. In the second half of the year, US Real Estate will start the reconstruction of the Sõjakooli 1 building, where offices with a unique character will be located on three floors of the historic barracks building.

The Park Tondi residential and commercial district being developed by US Real Estate will be built on the site of the historic Tondi Barracks. More than 28 000 m2 of commercial space has already been completed in the Park Tondi quarter: 10 200 m2 at Tammsaare 56 and 18 800 m2 at Sõjakooli 10 (FORUS Sports Centre Tondi). With the completion of Sõjakooli 6, the district will have 1,300 m2 of rentable commercial space.

Photographer: Marek Metslaid