GALLERY: The Golden Gate between the city centre and the port. The new Rotermann building got its cornerstone.


The Golden Gate office building will be built as a near zero energy building and will be LEED Gold certified. With the completion of the office building, 12 900 m2 of lettable space and 102 parking spaces will be added to the Rotermann Quarter.

“We had the ambitious idea of naming the building Golden Gate, so that it would be a symbolic gateway from the harbour area to the city centre and Rotermann, where you can’t just pass by, but can always just go through. By creating the Golden Gate, we have taken on a slightly bigger role – to be, metaphorically speaking, a golden anchor in the centre of Tallinn,” said Urmas Sõõrumaa, Chairman of the Board of US Invest. “Thousands of square metres of fierce space will be built in this building for clients who are not ashamed of their service or themselves and who are proud of it. You are welcome here! You know how fun it is to create things where history can be linked to the present, which hopefully will in turn create new history.”

The architectural design of the Golden Gate is the result of a collaboration between architects Raivo Puusepa and Illimar Truverk, led by Arhitekt11. The exterior façade of the building will be golden and elegant in an Art Deco style. In typical Rotermann style, the historic part of the property will be preserved and integrated into the new volumes.

Retail space and restaurants with outdoor terraces will be on the ground floor, while offices will be on the upper floors. Parking will be moved underground and a rooftop terrace will be created, offering spectacular views of the Old Town, the harbour, the city centre and the Lauluväljak in the direction of the Reidi road.

The building, which will be completed in early 2025, will be occupied by, among others, e-Governance Academy SA, Workland, OCCO, Forus International, US Invest and the building’s developer US Real Estate. On the ground floor, an internationally renowned restaurant will open its doors to offer a completely new concept of dining in Tallinn. The total investment in the project is worth more than €50 million. The construction of the building is financed by Swedbank.

The office building will have excellent accessibility by car and public transport. Tallinn is also planning to have a tram line to the port ready by the end of 2024, with one stop right next to the Golden Gate building. The construction of the tramway will also upgrade the area’s pedestrian paths and significantly improve pedestrian and cycling facilities.