Martin Kolga takes over as Chairman of the Board of US Real Estate


Martin Kolga takes up his new position as Chairman of the Board of US Real Estate.

As of Friday, 9 September, Martin Kolga, who has been working for the company as Head of Investments for the last three years, is now the Chairman of the Board of US Real Estate. Aavo Kokk will become Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

According to Urmas Sõõrumaa, owner of US Real Estate, Martin Kolga will play an important role in the company’s development.

“Over the past three years, Martin has proven himself to be a very strong business leader and has been one of the key figures in the growth of US Real Estate,” said Urmas Sõõrumaa. “With Martin Kolga as Chairman of the Management Board, we are putting more emphasis on the viability of the properties under development in a changing environment. Aavo Kokk’s day-to-day work on the board should make our long years of good work more visible to the wider public and attract the interest of fellow investors.”

Aavo Kokk was delighted to hand over to Kolga as CEO of US Real Estate: “Martin came to work for me from university a couple of years ago, and he grew to be one of the best real estate advisors I know because of his exceptional business acumen. Now Martin is ready to lead a large organisation and it’s time to make room for him”.

Mr Kokk added: “Urmas Sõõrumaa is determined to open up investment opportunities in his high quality real estate projects and in shaping Tallinn’s urban space. This will bring a lot of new tasks to the organisation and I will start to build up this area in addition to my usual tasks as chairman of the board.”

“Good projects and the right people are the building blocks of a successful real estate company, and US Real Estate has both,” says Martin Kolga. “It is now my job to help our capable team succeed in a changing environment, so that development projects are completed and existing buildings are maintained and sustainable.”