Park Tondi reached its height


On Wednesday, 20 July, the Park Tondi residential and business district held a party as the first office building in the district at Tammsaare 56 reached its maximum height of 28 metres. The building will be completed in January 2023 and is already 80% leased.

“The office building under construction will be located in the Park Tondi area, where additional apartments will be built, where there is already a sports centre, we are also renovating a wing of a barracks building, which will become a clubhouse, and if you look at the surroundings, there is no better place to live or work. From the roof of the building you can see the sea, the old town, the airport – practically everywhere. It’s a great place!” said Urmas Sõõrumaa, Chairman of the Board of US Invest. “We always build good things because we have neither the habit nor the will to build bad buildings, both structurally and geobiologically. I would like to thank all the partners who, in this somewhat difficult situation, have found a compromise to build this building. I would also like to thank all the clients who have already made reservations – your life will be better in our building because the environment will support your people and your business.”

To date, 80% of the building has already been rented out, with Bondora, Srini, Web Expert, Outl1ne, CGI as the major tenants. The latest commercial and office space available can be found here:

“Bondora has grown significantly since 2008, so we have been looking for a larger space. For our new headquarters, we chose Park Tondi, which meets all our needs – a great location, spacious enough and the opportunity to create an environment that supports our employees.” said Mirjam Palvadre from Bondora. “We operate in an industry that is about creating a better future, so an environmentally friendly office is crucial. Thanks to the new office space, we will receive the Green Office certificate, which will help us to reduce our own environmental impact, ensure a healthier working environment for our employees and a healthier planet at the same time. We only hire the best, so we want to create the best conditions for them. Bondoral will be an office that makes work a pleasure, not just a place to work. That’s what Park Tondi will be for us. We look forward to moving in!”

The new-age, low-energy office building at Tammsaare 56 will stand out for its well thought-out space solutions and mobility-friendly amenities. Parking is mostly on the ground floor of the building, with an enclosed bicycle parking with changing and washing facilities. All office spaces will have balconies, and a terrace will be built on the top floor of the building with views of the tennis courts at Forus Sports Centre Tondi.

The architects of the Tammsaare 56 office building are HG Arhitektuur and KAMP Arhitektid.

The Park Tondi residential and commercial quarter, to be developed by US Real Estate, will be built in the area of the historic Tondi barracks, next to the Forus Sports Centre Tondi. Already today it is possible to book commercial or office space in the 57 Tondi row office, which is scheduled for completion in 2024 together with Park Tondi Residences. By 2024, 28,000 sqm of residential and office space will be added to the quarter.