Patarei Sea Fortress received a building permit


US Real Estate, the developer of the Patarei Sea Fortress building complex, has received permission to begin construction from the Tallinn City Planning Department. More than 100 people worked on the design of the large-scale complex, which is also an object protected under heritage conservation – 33 design companies were involved, as well as various research and consulting firms. 16 departments were involved in the process of issuing a building permit.

“The biggest challenge was how such a large team would work towards a common goal,” said US Real Estate construction director Tarmo Pohlak. “In Estonia, a similar amount of work with a heritage conservation site has never been planned, and a permit for such construction has not been issued. More research than usual was required before planning, and as a result, there was more communication with various parties, negotiations, and compromises. In the process of planning and issuing a building permit, all departments involved were constructive and efficient, and work progressed smoothly. I want to thank everyone!”

“Renovation of Patarei Sea Fortress is an important investment in preserving our historical heritage and opening the city to the sea. Therefore, we at the city government hope that the deterioration of the economic situation will not interfere with the renovation of the sea fortress and that construction will begin as soon as possible. When the territory of the Patarei Sea Fortress is put in order, a significant part of the Tallinn seafront will become more beautiful again,” said deputy head of the Tallinn City Planning Department Oliver Alver.

The outline design of the Patarei Sea Fortress was completed in March 2022, after which US Real Estate began the process of obtaining a building permit. The main design of the building complex, which was being prepared in parallel with the outline design, was completed in July, and a tender for construction was announced in August. Reconstruction of the Patarei Sea Fortress will begin in 2023.

By 2026, the Patarei Sea Fortress will turn into one of the most original complexes in Estonia, where the stylish 19th-century fortress will be combined with modern architecture – a place that connects business and leisure, working life, and hanging out with friends. The building will be a unique mixture of historical and modern architecture.

The complex will offer a total of 32,200 m2 of rental space, which will include offices, restaurants, cafes, an event centre, a grocery store, a bakery, a flower shop, a pet store, a brewery, a youth hobby centre, an art gallery, and a museum. The lunette yard will be covered with a roof based on a unique technical solution, under which people will be able to work in natural sunlight during the day. A 310-meter promenade will be built on the sea side of the complex, which will connect the Kalaranna quarter and Noblessner.

“Currently, we are applying for a permit for the construction of new buildings at Vesilennuki 2 near the Sea Fortress and, in cooperation with competent officials, we hope to receive it this year,” said Tarmo Pohlak.