Rotermann Quarter’s new business development manager is Julius Stokas


Julius Stokas has joined the US Real Estate team, focusing on managing the business development and customer experience of the Rotermann Quarter.

“Continuing to develop the Rotermann Quarter, visitor and customer satisfaction remains very important to us. Here, we aim to provide top-notch customer service and the best possible rental service. We value Julius’s knowledge and experience, which will enable him to further improve the Rotermann Quarter,” said Martin Kolga, Chairman of US Real Estate.

Julius Stokas has previously worked as a board member of Ülemiste City, responsible for customer relations, rental income, various administrative issues, and customer satisfaction. Before that, Stokas worked at the business consulting firm PwC and the Estonian Business and Innovations Agency’s foreign investment center.

“Given my past experience, the role of business manager of the Rotermann Quarter is an excellent challenge for me, and I am happy to contribute to the success and growth of Rotermann,” said Julius Stokas.

Raido Talviste, who has been in the role of business manager of the Rotermann Quarter for the past three years, will continue as the head of developments in the heart of the city, including Talsinki, Foorum, and other US Real Estate projects, applying his experience from building up Rotermann to other real estate developments. “Raido has great experience in developing and renting out Rotermann, which we highly appreciate, and we trust him to lead our downtown development projects,” said Martin Kolga.

The uniquely designed Rotermann Quarter is a pedestrian-oriented car-free environment where every moment has meaning. Whether it’s indulging the senses in a café, restaurant, fashion, and lifestyle stores, or being inspired by the unique and bold Rotermann architecture. Rotermann also boasts an exceptionally talented community, including H&M Group, Apranga, Pactum, RASK, and Funderbeam, among others.

In early 2025, the Golden Gate office building will be completed in the Rotermann Quarter, attracting even more talent. Adcash and co-working office space provider Workland are also joining the quarter. Upon completion of Golden Gate, there will be over 45,000 square meters of rental space available in the Rotermann Quarter.