Tallinn established the planning for the residental and business quarter to be built by Sõõrumaa


The Tallinn City Government has approved the detailed planning for the development of Ahtri Street by Urmas Sõõrumaa’s company, US Real Estate. The area is set to become a residental and business quarter with a gross floor area of 86,000 square meters.

The quarter, dubbed “Talsink,” will include a total of over 31,000 square meters of office space. There are plans for over 14,000 square meters of retail, service, and catering spaces, and over 17,000 square meters of office space. Additionally, the quarter will feature 301 apartments, and all parking will be located underground. The buildings in the area are allowed to have a maximum height of seven stories, reaching up to 24 meters in height. Eight such buildings are planned for the area.

The city government’s order specifies that the construction of new buildings must ensure the visibility of cultural heritage objects. Along Mere Avenue and Ahtri Street, a green structure corridor is planned, which is part of the citywide green network. Existing valuable vegetation must be preserved. Pedestrian access to the city center will be established, providing passage over Ahtri Street toward the Admiraliteedi basin and from the Rotermann salt warehouse toward the harbor.

The winning architectural design for the Talsink quarter is called “Flowing Water” and was created by the architectural firms Arhitekt11 and HGA. US Real Estate is set to begin construction on the Talsink quarter in 2025, with the entire environment expected to be completed by 2028. The planned area is located in the city center of Tallinn, in the Sadama district, between Ahtri Street, Paadi Street, and the Admiraliteedi basin, where a parking lot currently exists.