US Real Estate is developing Talsinki residential and commercial quarter on Ahtri 3 site


US Real Estate starts development of Ahtri 3 plot, where it will build a residential and commercial quarter with a gross floor area of 86 000 m2. The new quarter will be called Talsinki, after Tallinn and Helsinki. The district is being created with the historical influence and geopolitical proximity of these cities in mind.

“We are developing a holistic environment on the Ahtri 3 plot, similar to Rotermann, which is a tribute to the Finns who have influenced and helped me and Estonia a lot over the decades,” said Urmas Sõõrumaa, Chairman of the Board of US Invest. “At the heart of the quarter is a cosy central square, around which we would like to open commercial and retail spaces, popular with Finns in particular, and where we are looking for Finnish companies as office tenants in addition to Estonians. We are creating an environment where breathing is easy and thoughts fly.”

The Talsinki residential and commercial district, which will be built next to the Golden Gate office building and La Marina restaurant building, will have a total of over 31 000 m2 of commercial space. More than 14 000 m2 of retail, service and catering space and more than 17 000 m2 of office space are planned. There will be 301 apartments and underground parking for the entire quarter.

The winning architectural design for the Talsinki Quarter is called “Flowing Water”, created by top architects Arhitekt11 and HGA. The concept and preliminary design have already been completed and the detailed planning of the building is currently pending.

US Real Estate will start construction of the Talsinki Quarter in 2024 and the entire environment is expected to be completed in 2027.

“Talsinki’s trump card is its extremely good location – in 2024, the tramway connecting the port and the city centre will also be completed, with one of the stops in front of Talsinki,” says Urmas Sõõrumaa. “With this development, we will make the harbour area an attractive and dense urban space for travellers to Tallinn as well as for the city’s residents, as we will create a new main street in the city, where you can get to the city centre, the Old Town or elsewhere within a short walk.”