US Real Estate sold the office buildings at Tammsaare 56 and Sõjakooli 6 to the company Biofuel


US Real Estate, owned by Urmas Sõõrumaa, sold the companies owning the office buildings located in the Park Tondi district at Tammsaare 56 and Sõjakooli 6 to Biofuel OÜ, owned by Raul Kirjanen. Following the transaction, US Real Estate will continue to operate the buildings and coordinate construction activities in the district long term as the developer. LHV Bank will also continue as the financier.

“The US Real Estate team has done an excellent job developing these buildings, and I am pleased that they have now found a worthy investor in Raul Kirjanen. We are now moving into the next phase of Park Tondi development and we plan to involve investors in our real estate projects in the future as well,” said the Chairman of the Board of US Invest, Urmas Sõõrumaa.

A 7-story near-zero energy class office building has just been completed in the Park Tondi district at Tammsaare 56. Hektor Light will open its flagship store on the ground floor of the building in September. Among others, SRINI, Bondora, CV Keskus, Fortum, and Web Expert are tenants on the upper floors. The building has 7300 m2 of leasable space.

By the end of this year, a heritage-listed office building at Sõjakooli 6 will be completed in the district, offering 1300 m2 of office space on two floors, which is fully leased to the financial company Bondora.

US Real Estate continues the development of the Park Tondi district. Next, the development of Park Tondi Residents will start, and active leasing is already taking place in the historic barracks building on Tondi street, which will soon be converted into modern office spaces.