A new business and office building
on Tallinn’s busy street

In 2025 Rotermann Quarter will expand towards the sea and Golden Gate will be the gateway from the Port Area to the City Centre.

Golden Gate in numbers

Offices & services






19 500 sqm

Gross building area

2 200 sqm

Single floor area

105 places


Golden Gate has a perfect working environment that meets even the highest expectations.

Great visibility

Golden Gate will be the focal point between the harbor and the city.

Comfortable rooms

Openable windows and adjustable temperature in every room guarantees good indoor climate.

Exellent views

Roof terraces offers 360-degree city and sea views.

Accessible and convenient

Superb access and parking for customers and personnel, by cars, bicycles and public transportation.

Effective energy consumption

The building is designed as a nearly zero energy building and built to the highest building standards.

Flexible floor plans

Office layout and interior design will be tailored to tenant´s unique wants and needs.

Total area of the building is 13 400 sqm, one floor is approx. 2 200 sqm

7th floor

Green roof terrace

2nd – 6th floor

Office spaces

1st floor

Shops and restaurants with outdoor terraces

-2/-1 floor

Car park with 105 spaces

Floor plans Floor plans (PDF)

Ahtri tn 6

1st floor
1st floor 2nd floor 3rd floor 4th floor 5th floor

Possible space layouts
for 1st floor

Possible space layouts
for 2nd floor

Possible space layouts
for 3rd floor

Possible space layouts
for 4th floor

Possible space layouts
for 5th floor

Space to be leased: 672,2 m²

Space to be leased: 391 m²

Space to be leased: 154 m²
Terrace: 56.4 m²

Space to be leased: 429.5 m²
Terrace: 42.1 m²

Space to be leased: 288.1 m²
Terrace: 34.9 m²

Space to be leased: 152 sqm
Number of workstations: 13

Space to be leased: 813 sqm
Number of workstations: 113

Space to be leased: 1135 sqm
Number of workstations: 137

Space to be leased: 1948 sqm
Number of workstations: 250

Space to be leased: 400 sqm
Number of workstations: 46

Space to be leased: 531 sqm
Number of workstations: 90

Space to be leased: 414 sqm
Number of workstations: 43

Space to be leased: 570 sqm
Number of workstations: 57

Space to be leased: 149,4 sqm
Number of workstations: 13

Space to be leased: 1176 sqm
Number of workstations: 132

Space to be leased: 1028 sqm
Number of workstations: 138
Terrace: 60 sqm

Space to be leased: 2204 sqm
Number of workstations: 270
Terrace: 60 sqm (4. floor)

Space to be leased: 1172 sqm
Number of workstations: 132

Space to be leased: 1028 sqm
Number of workstations: 138

Space to be leased: 2201 sqm
Number of workstations: 270

Commercial 1
Commercial 2
Restaurant 1
Restaurant 2
Restaurant 3
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Version 5
Version 6
Version 7
Version 8
Version 1
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3

Interior that reflects the nature of exterior

In interior architecture our aim is to continue with an exterior architecture aesthetics. A lot of greenery, streamlined forms and glass mixed with wood and metal. The interior architecture is done by Meelis Press.

The architectural solution of Golden Gate has been created incollaboration with architects Architect 11 team in lead of Illimar Truverk and Raivo Puusepp.

The Golden Gate office building at Ahtri 6 has a unique location in Tallinn.

Golden Gate is within walking distance from the best leisure amenities that city centre has to offer. A 2-minute walk to the gym and a few steps to the best cafes and restaurants. There’s always a reason to take some time for yourself during lunch or after work.

All sides of the building in the heart of City Centre are front-facing and offer exceptional views of the Old Town, the Song Festival Grounds, the harbor area and the already completed Rotermann Quarter.

Well connected and easy to access

Connecting to the rest of Tallinn is easy from Golden Gate. It is a quick walk to the nearest bus stations and parking lots. In 2024 a new tramline will be ready that passes by the Golden Gate building and has a stop next to it. Isn´t it convenient?!

Cafes and restaurants

Golden Gate will be a part of the Rotermann Quarter that connects City Centre with harbour area.

Rotermann Quarter is an urban space with a unique architecture and active rhythm of life, the heart of which is the city square.

You will find here everything that is needed for everyday life. Exclusive offices and apartments, shops, cafes and restaurants have found their place in the former industrial district. Rotermann is a car-free environment with a good bicycle system.

Golden Gate will be completed in the end of 2025


Start of demolition,
start of construction


The building
reaches its height


Golden Gate
is completed

Developer –
US Real Estate

Since 1991, USRE has been aiming to develop a complete living and business environment with modern architecture, where the best technical knowledge is combined with ancient wisdom.

During our years of operation, we have developed a total of more than 250,000 sqm of real estate. Today our portfolio includes over 100,000 sqm of commercial space for rent.

Our greatest value is our employees – the brightest peaks in their field, who are united by the desire to create unique real estate.

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